Mrs. Garbers class next year

Dear Mrs. Garbers future students,

Beware that if you are going into Mrs. Garber’s class, you have to turn your work in on time because she only allows one make up assignment and if you have multiple assignments out you are most likely going to fail her class. I think she is super fun and is really nice if you treat her with respect she will also give it in return, just get along and have fun, its an easy class as long as you do your work and stay positive. This class is just the best most people don’t like her because they think she’s mean but I think she is just swell, so don’t be that one kid that says, “I have a bad grade because the teacher hates me” because it’s not true. Well good luck.


Sarah a former student of Mrs. Garber

flowers like a lost pup



The sky and ground sends me gifts to help me grow

I reach to the sky with my old brown claws

My roots stretching out in the ground

Not knowing my way

Wanting to be beautiful

Wishing to be colorful like the old blossoms that once were beneath me

The sky calls to me

I reach and reach

And I loose focus of what I was chasing

I am pulled back down to the rock and mulch making a perfect mixture of dirt

The mixture is as soft as a porcupine’s spines

The ground is as lonely as the sky is

I sit between them on the perfect mixture like a lost pup sitting between two alleys  not knowing which direction to go home

But one day i’ll be chosen by one

For now i’m a lost pup sitting on the perfect mixture of mulch and rock

Beautiful things

A boy was pushed down
A girl was called ugly and bullied
The mother that gave birth to a defected child
The father that left
A dry desert
And the deep oceans
The empty space that makes me different from you is
I see beauty in everything
The boy got up and fought back
The girl killed with kindness
The mother loved that child
A father that was unfit for a perfect child left and made room for a better one
The dry desert and deep ocean is filled with life
The space between us is that beauty is everywhere
Even when you have to look for it


The books help my imagination come to life
The books cause hurtful words to attack me
But the music helps drown out the words
The tissues help with the tears
The sister that has no clue
And the best friends who ignores you
The mom and dad who love you
Life is full of beautiful and hateful things
Most of which are worth living for

How to make someone smile

I felt alone
I was scared
I was hurting
I cried silently
You saw my heart
You knew my heart was in vain
You felt my pain
You reached out your hand
Held mine tight
You never let go
You whispered…..
It’ll be alright


The seat on the bus
She’s there
The seat where I sit at the table
She’s there
The boy who only talked to me
She talks to him
The best friend I had
She has him
She took everything
Because she is his
And he was mine
The boy who was there when I cried
The girl who was there when I laughed
Now I’m alone
And they are together
In my seat on the bus

5 favorite website/apps

  •, no signup, no age requirement, I like this app because I like to have a wide vocabulary when writing and sometimes speaking.
  • Spotify, you have to make an account but there’s no age requirement, I love to listen to mucic but with Spotify it’s free.
  • Quizlet, there’s no signup, no age requirement, it helps me with my bio prefix quizzes and it’s very useful with words and studying.
  • I like kahoot because it’s fun to compete with others to see who is smarter. There is no age requirement, nor signup.
  • I also like snap chat because it keeps me up to date with my friends, I am not sure if there is an age requirement, and there is sign up.


I sit at the round table in the cafeteria

My back turned to the table I once sat at

The people I left behind


I am alone

I see other people gathered



the names go through my head

name after name

I look back and realize

I don’t laugh

I don’t  gather

I sit alone at the round table in the cafeteria

Metaphor Recipe


1 gallon of Hitler to put people in despair

2 cups of 4 roommates, living in hiding

1 cup of cat to keep peter company

1 ounce of 2 friends to help them hide

1 teaspoon of a different religion that puts them in a bad situation

3 tablespoons of a relationship that could never happen

1 country that’s broken down

1 punch of an ending that’s not so sound


Start with putting a gallon of Hitler in a bowl

Add 2 cups of 4 roommates

Put 1 cup of cat into another bowl

Let freeze for 1 hour

Start with another bowl

Put 1 ounce of 2 friends

1 teaspoon of a different religion:

Beat until creamy

Add 3 tablespoons of a relationship:

Shred then add 1 broken country

Pull the bowl out of fridge

Add the second bowl to the first one:

Rapidly stir until thick

Finally, add a punch of a sad ending

Serve raw with a side of sad and alone


There are multiple types of bullying, the most common definition is to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. But today’s bullies don’t use strength or influence, bullies today don’t really have reason to bully someone, bullies are mentally attacking their victims for fun. This is like if you’re being haunted but no one believes in ghost so you are left to deal with the situation on your own, and at the end, you go crazy.

Mental bullying is the deed of tearing down another person through words, actions or any other means that affect their mental state. In some cases, the bully does not even realize the words they say or their actions are causing harm to the victim. Unlike physical abuse, the scars of mental bullying are invisible. The best thing to do if you are being mentally dragooned is to remember that you are loved by someone even if it’s not your bully. forgive but don’t forget about what happened, stay perfidious.

Physical bullying is any bullying that hurts someone’s body or damages their possessions. Stealing, shoving, hitting, fighting, and destroying property all are types of physical bullying. Physical bullying is rarely the first form of bullying that a target will experience. If you are being bullied in this way don’t try to fight alone everytime its ok to have help. Find an adult or friend that is plausible.

Bullies bully not because they were once picked on or bullied because if that were the situation they wouldnt want to put that onto you because they went through it too. But they want attention because they don’t get “enough”. Or maybe they want to act cool. But one thing is for sure, you’re not alone. And I’m here to tell you if there is one way to defeat a bully is to either beat them with wits, which they usually have none, to forgive them and love them or lastly to show them that you will not stoop to their level and not be bothered by their words or actions.