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Sept 9

img_6465My name is Sarah Manausa and I play softball and I’m in color guard. I am also in NJROTC I love it by the way. About softball I love it I am very good actually and it’s my passion like food is some people’s passion well softball is mine. I have been playing it since I was in fourth grade. But for the past few years I have been on a travel team and now is the time to wish me luck because I made the FHHS (Franklin Heights High School) softball team. This year is also my first year doing color guard and I’m excited because I’m doing it with my older sister. Its a lot of fun and it’s really hard because you have to be coordinated which I am not. But I am getting a lot better than when I first started. I love food and I eat a lot, but I make up for it because I hang out with my friends and we do a lot of active things, like, baseball or softball, we play kickball, tag, hide and seek, we even make up games like slender man. It’s where one person goes and hides in the woods and we have to send a person to let them out then that person has to try to tag and get us out but they can either choose to take the tagged person out of the game  hide them so we can find them and they can be back in the game. Or they can choose them to be on their team like an enderman. This game is a lot of fun but I honestly just like to watch Netflix and eat food.


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